AVAERO CAPITAL PARTNERS is focused on assisting aviation and aerospace companies attract local and international investment for project financing, infrastructure projects and asset acquisition in Africa (and beyond).


Strategic Consultancy

If you are an aviation company who are looking to launch a new service, or scale an existing business, our partners can help you. With experience working with airlines, airports, business or commercial aviation, or aviation service providers our consultants can provide you with indepth advice based on years of experience of a wide variety of companies and services.


Technical Advisory

Aviation is a complex sector with lots of variables, it is not a place to dabble or where a little bit of knowledge goes a long way, it will not. So using experts with extensive capability and all-round sector experience to your technical advisory and forecasting assignments in the aviation sector.


Capital Introduction

With over 50 years’ combined experience in aviation and/or minimum of 10 years capital advisory, our partners are best placed to assist you market your opportunity to investors around the world.



When margins are slim, but the capital investment is huge, good data will make all the difference from success and failure. So much of aviation is known or identifiable, let us help you fill in the gaps using our research department to illuminate the unknown information which will help your business. If you require a survey to test your perceptions, or indepth sector or market research please let me know.