<strong>Sindy</strong> <strong>Foster</strong>

Sindy Foster BA (Hons) Econ, Principal Managing Partner

Founder of leading aviation and aerospace marketing agency with over 17 years’ experience positioning and promoting companies around the world.

<strong>Mark Hayward</strong>

Mark Hayward MBA, EU CPL, FAA CPL, Partner

Founder of leading aviation consultancy providing aircraft sales and acquisition, aircraft leasing, asset management, strategic advisory and asset oversight. Trained commercial pilot.

<strong>Chris Parkes</strong>

Chris Parkes Partner - CPMS Africa

Founder of leading direct marketing agency in Nigeria with over 45 years’ experience in marketing and financial related industries.

<strong>Udeme Etukeyen</strong>

Udeme Etukeyen Partner - Ricchezza Capital Advisors

Strategic private equity and venture capital investment professional specialising in trade, infrastructure and investment advisory for private and public sector.

<strong>Toni</strong> <strong>Ukachukwu</strong>

Toni Ukachukwu Partner

Founder of a pan African Aviation media and marketing company with over 15years consulting for and building Travel and tourism businesses in emerging markets.